Locals reveal hidden Isle of Wight gems

You really can't beat a bit of local knowledge. Use it to find the best restaurants, the cheapest drinks and that one place that serves those great pastries that only "those-in-the-know" ever visit and keep close to their chests.

So how does one acquire this knowledge? - You might well ask. Normally it is nigh on impossible, but if you are planning a holiday to the Isle of Wight this summer and want access a goldmine of local knowledge provided by many enthusiastic islanders, then check out My Isle of Wight. On the site you can find the inside track on the very best that the Isle of Wight has to offer, straight from the mouths of the locals.

Your first port of call, whether before you leave or after you have arrived, should be their "Top Fives" section. If you are looking for a somewhere to eat, somewhere to stay or an activity to keep your family busy, this is the place to start. With recommendations provided not only by the editors of the site, but also by local experts, the top fives give you the tip-offs you need to unearth the very best the island has in store.

Where it really comes into its own is the individual Isle of Wight blogger's pages that the site hosts - each penned by Isle of Wight natives who are passionate about the island and convey this passion through the interesting and varied posts that they share on the site.

One of these "bloggers" is Jo Macauley, a freelance writer who moved back to her true home on the island ten years ago after a career in London. Her blog page features a variety of different articles highlighting island related activities and observations, including a recent post regarding the return of the "Studio in the Woods" event, which sees architectural students and engineers create striking and unique wooden structures in the woods surrounding New Barn Farm in Calbourne.

It is articles like Jo's that make My Isle of Wight such a useful resource, unearthing the hidden gems of the Isle of Wight from the perspective of the locals. From articles singing the praises of the Isle of Wight Music centre and the work it has done with budding musicians, to posts highlighting the wild cherries that grow on the island - My Isle of Wight is certainly a mixed bag.

So whether you are looking to find the best crab restaurant on the island, or simply looking to be entertained by the personal insights of Isle of Wight residents into the island they love, My Isle of Wight is the easy way to get that "local knowledge" that is so invaluable.