UK Holiday Accommodation Guide

Holidays in the UK are becoming more popular. Not only are a number of people opting to stay in the UK for financial reasons, there are many who are taking time to explore the UK to see exactly what this small island offers. Much of the world will also be focusing on the UK over the next few months and there will be many international travellers looking to visit the UK.

For those who are looking to book their next holiday in the UK, there are plenty of accommodation options, ideal to suit all budgets. Hotels remain a popular choice, especially for those who are looking to visit cities. Depending on budget, there are usually plenty of choices available and it is possible to find good hotel deals if booking last minute. For those who are looking for self-catering in city destinations, there are often apartments available for short-term hire and for those holidaying as a family, or with a group of friends, apartments often cost less than staying in a hotel.

Other choices for smaller cities and towns include Bed and Breakfasts. Although these may be further away from major attractions, B&Bs remain a popular type of accommodation in the UK, especially in seaside towns. There are also a number of holiday resorts scattered throughout the UK, most of these designed for family holidays. These usually offer a wide range of accommodation, such as chalets and caravans. There are also caravan sites throughout the UK and many of these have static caravans available for holiday hire. For those who are looking for self-catering accommodation, these can be ideal, especially as some can sleep up to eight people.

Campsites have increased in popularity over the last few years, especially for those with families, although the main disadvantage to family camping holidays is the variable UK weather. There are plenty of cottages available, particularly in rural areas, such as The Lakes, Scottish Highlands and much of South West England. Cottages are popular with those who want to spend their time walking, cycling, or doing other outdoor activities, as they offer space to store equipment, as well as privacy.

Villas are not just available in Spain. There are villas available in the UK, the majority of which are located near to, or overlooking beaches. Villas are an ideal choice for those who are looking for family accommodation and who enjoy spending time on the beach and taking part in water sports. Like many other types of accommodation in the UK, a private villa offers privacy and freedom of schedule, as well as spacious accommodation. With all of these accommodation choices available for holidays in the UK, it means that everyone can find the right accommodation to suit their holiday needs.

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