UK Holiday Clothing Guide

Packing for a UK holiday can be tricky. You never know what the weather will be like and even in high summer it can suddenly turn chilly or wet. Being prepared for all weathers is one of the packing tricks needed for a successful holiday.

The best way to keep on top of the British weather is to pack and plan holiday clothing in layers. Because it might be roasting one minute and chilly the next, having a few layers to put on or peel off means you can be comfortable whatever the weather throws at you.

Taking several light sweaters or cardigans to slip over T-shirts or strappy tops makes more sense than having one heavy jumper. With trousers, think about taking the kind that have zip-off lower legs. That way you can wear cut-offs when it's warm and full length trousers when it's cooler.

When you're considering clothes that look good layered up, think about the colours as well as the styles. Packing mismatched colours will restrict the wardrobe options you have and leave you feeling you didn't bring the right things. Pack neutral coloured vests or T-shirts to wear under brighter or patterned jackets or cardigans. Either dark or light trousers and skirts match up with most other colour combinations, but be wary of white trousers as they can look out of place on a blustery summer day in Britain.

For ladies, items like shawls are very useful. Not only are they ideal beach cover-ups, they're perfect too for evenings out when the temperature drops. Packing items like this, that do double-duty, means not only are you covered whatever the temperature; you also save on packing space. This also solves one of the major problems of packing for a UK holiday; the need to take one of everything 'just in case'.

Jackets and coats should be waterproof and light. The best waterproof jackets are made from a breathable fabric that allows air to pass through but also wicks away excess moisture. They're suitable for sporting activities such as hiking or cycling, but are also fine for city shopping or sightseeing.

Shoes too, can be tricky when you're not sure what the weather will do. Sports shoes or trainers are suitable for men, women or children and good quality ones like those at DC shoes can look either casual or a little upmarket depending on what they're worn with. While it may be difficult to get it exactly right every time, with a little forethought and planning you can incorporate items in your holiday wardrobe that'll see you through the best and the worst of the British weather.

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