Walking Around Tintagel

There are certain areas that beg to be explored on foot to ensure that the visitor gets to see the best of what there is on offer. One such area is Cornwall, and in particular the wild and romantic north coast overlooking the Atlantic. With its roots firmly steeped in the Arthurian legend, The village of Tintagel and its surrounding area is best seen by walking rather than any other way.

To ensure that visitors get to see the best of everything on offer, there are designated walks around the area that can be printed off the computer so you know exactly where you are going and what you will see on your journey. Known as the Tintagel Circulars, these three walks make the best use possible of the numerous excellent footpaths around the village which lead you out onto the open cliff tops.

Dog Friendly Hotels Cornwall

The walks have been designed with visiting families in mind, probably due to the fact that one of the most searched for UK terms on the Internet is family accommodation Cornwall, and nobody will have any problems walking these pathways. They are also ideal for taking your dog along, in fact, with one of the best dog friendly hotels in Cornwall being in Tintagel, you should never leave your pet at home again.

Right on the cliff top overlooking both the ocean and Tintagel Castle you will find the Camelot Castle hotel. This stunning building that looks as if it has stepped straight out of the Arthurian legend itself boast 64 luxurious bedrooms and offers the highest standard of comfort for every member of the family. It is rare to find a hotel of this calibre that offers accommodation for dogs, and is one of the most outstanding hotels in Cornwall.

Hotels in Cornwall

Now that you have found the best of the Cornwall hotels to suit your needs, you can plan your walks and see everything there is in this magical area to attract the volume of tourists that flock here every year to both take in the sights, buy into the Arthurian legend and breathe in the magic in the air, all with your faithful four legged friend by your side.

Tintagel & King Arthur

Some of the sights you will see on the walks are the 600 year old building that was once a manor house and then housed the post office which caused the name of Trevena to be changed to Tintagel. King Arthur's Hall in the village was built on the site said to have housed the fellowship of the Knights of the Round Table and, of course, the ruins of Tintagel Castle itself is an absolute must.